Appearance of Pupils

Appearance of Pupils

Unless permission is granted by the Principle or Governing Body, learners must comply with the regulations concerning school uniforms and personal appearance.

School uniforms must be neat at all times. No badges or awards, other than those awarded by the school, may be displayed on the school uniform. The belts on the girls’ uniform must be used correctly. Learners may wear navy blue scarves, beanies and gloves.

The Boys’ shirts should be neatly tucked into their pants. Black shoes, regularly polished, are to be worn with long pants.

No jewellery (except a watch or medical alert bracelet) may be worn. Girls may wear plain silver or gold ear studs or earrings. Nails must be kept short.



  • Hair may not hang over the eyes or ears when combed straight down.
  • When standing upright, the hair may not touch the pupil’s collar.
  • Hair may not be bleached or coloured artificially.
  • Long hair and unusual hair styles may not be worn. 


  • Long hair must be fastened with ribbons, elastic bands, bobbles or Alice bands.
  • Short hair must be pinned back, or cut in such a manner that, on bending forward, the hair does not fall over the learner’s eyes.
  • Hair decorations may only be navy, light blue, white or black.
  • Unusual hairstyles are not permitted.
  • He may not be bleached all colour dyed.