School Rules

School Rules

School rules enable children from different backgrounds to work and play together in harmony. We therefore need parental support and co-operation in upholding these rules.

Learners of Hoekwil Primary School are expected to look neat and be well-mannered towards teachers, parents, members of the community and their own friends at all times. This includes instances after school, outside the school property, whenever a learner is in school uniform.

Code of conduct

The code of conduct is composed to promote the values obtained in the Mission. The aim is to reward positive behaviour and to make rules to promote good order and to establish a culture of learning within a diverse school community.

Level 1

1.1 Homework not done.

1.2 Being late.

1.3 Talking / playing in the rows or in the hall.

1.4 Talking during class lessons.

1.5 Lettering.

1.6 Incorrect / untidy school uniform.

1.7 Books / homework left at home.

1.8 General discipline.

1.9 Failure to give notices to parents.

1.10 Disruption of class.

1.11 Writing homework down.

1.12 Specific grades play on their specific playgrounds. (no one plays on the stoep or between classes)

1.13 The Pre-Primary playgrounds is only for Grade R and Pre-Primary learners.

1.14 No skateboard or rollerblades on the school grounds.

1.15 No climbing on fences, roofs, walls, or trees inside the school grounds.

1.16 Forget diary.

Level 2

2.1 Fighting (no hitting, kicking, pushing or assaulting).

2.2 Swearing / indecent language or signs / any negative or destructive criticism or mockery.

2.3 Truancy (to be out of class or leaving the school grounds without permission).

2.4 Disrespect towards teachers / fellow learners.

2.5 Do not turn up for extramural activities.

2.6 In possession of or use of cigarettes, any tobacco related substances or drugs.

2.7 Telling lies.

2.8 As soon as a learner arrives on the school grounds for a normal school day, the learner must turn his / her phone off immediately and keep it switched off until the end of the school day. All cell phones or any other electronic equipment are brought onto the school grounds at the learners own risk and the school does not take any responsibility for it.

2.9 Repeated transgression of level 1 infringements.

2.10 Diary lost.

Level 3

3.1 Vandalism.

3.2 Theft / robbery.

3.3 Bullying (any verbal and / or physical bullying of any learner).

3.4 Racist remarks and / or jokes.

3.5 Imposition of or use of any habit-forming drug.

3.6 In possession of, showing of, distribution of pornographic material.

3.7 Sexual harassment (verbal, physical or in writing) against fellow learners or teachers.

3.8 Any indecent or immoral behaviour.

3.9 Repeated transgression of level 1 or level 2 infringements.

3.10 Any disgraceful indecent and / or improper behaviour (according to the governing body) that brings the name of the school and honour of the community into disrespect.

3.11 Any learner found guilty in a court of law.

3.12 Behaviour not mentioned, but seen as serious misconduct by the governing body.

3.13 In possession of or use of any sharp or dangerous object, including firearms or parts of firearms.

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