Positive Behaviour

Positive Behaviour

Level 1

  • Cleaning up of school grounds and classrooms of your own accord.
  • Complete and need written work.
  • Sympathetic behaviour towards staff and peers.
  • Participates in school organised activities, eg. Entrepreneurs day.
  • Reply slips regularly Returned on time.
  • Neat and correct school uniform for a week.
  • Being polite towards parents / visitors.

Level 2

  • Above 70%  in an exam or assessment task.
  • More than 5%  improvement in term average.
  • Participation in sport for a full term.
  • Helpful during and after any event.
  • Participation in culture for the full term.
  • 100% attendance at school for a full term.
  • Positive suggestions in writing that are implemented.
  • Class selects a learner as one of 3 top supporters in the class for a month.
  • Honesty.

Level 3

  • Outstanding sport / cultural achievement.
  • Above 75% as average or above average for all subjects in a term.
  • More than 10% improvement in term average.